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Why You Need Personalized Career Coaching

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Career Coaching Approach

Initially created and taught in leading universities, and now uniquely applied to each client, Everette's process leverages design thinking, creative problem solving and the latest technology to deliver results.

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Benefits of Personal Coaching

By participating in a process with a coach, family members and friends/colleagues, each client feels relief from the stress of the career search and a sense of empowerment to own the outcomes.

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"I never imagined I would be working a job I enjoy on a daily basis, in a city I've dreamed about, in an industry I care about, but thanks to Everette that's exactly what I'm doing."             

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Looking back on my college experience, I would not be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for Everette and his tremendous wisdom in his “designing your life” course. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to build a relationship with Everette. He is creative, engaging, determined, and it is clear that Everette has a passion for helping others while walking alongside them in their career journey. I had the opportunity to explore personality assessment results, create a personal mission statement, develop career prototypes, and much more. I cannot recommend Everette and his course enough.


 When I first met with Everette, I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in my career. He guided me through a process of analyzing my skills, strengths, and goals in order to uncover a pathway towards a career that is both financially supportive and fulfilling. After we discovered my path, he showed me how to develop a strong resume, cover letter, linkedin, and most importantly; he showed me how to network. Everette and I set deadlines and check-in dates for the process, giving me accountability I never would have had otherwise. I never imagined I would be working a job I enjoy on a daily basis, in a city I've dreamed about, in an industry I care about, but thanks to Everette that's exactly what I'm doing. 


I can't speak highly enough of Everette's expert guidance, kind advice, and thoughtful approach to figuring out my next move. Our weekly meetings were often the best part of my week and consistently encouraged me to determine and strive for my career and personal goals. Everette is a great coach, mentor, and teacher and I would recommend him to anyone striving towards new beginnings.



Everette has been an invaluable, and long-standing part of my professional journey - spanning a transition into business school, out of business school, and a few jobs changes since. Throughout each phase, Everette took a very personalized, agile, and thoughtful approach to providing advice and encouraging growth. What I appreciate most about Everette’s coaching is that it doesn’t just span the moments you are formally meeting, but also the moments in between – whether it be an email checking in or an article that is relevant to your industry. I’ve taken a few significant pivots in my career since business school, and Everette has consistently served as a sounding board to weigh my options, consider my career goals, and think thoughtfully about my next move. I have no doubt that Everette will continue to be an important mentor and coach in my life for years to come.

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Everette shares career mistakes, regrets, and triumphs as he reflects on his 40-year career, where he is now, and how he got here. 

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